The Jane Circles

Empowering Jane in a world of Tarzan

Masculine thinking and decision-making define our everyday reality. Tarzan still rules in our Western world, and it is clear that we need a more balanced approach to create a sustainable future for ourselves and our children. We are looking for an equilibrium where the feminine voice is equally heard, and women take their rightful place. Although we are starting to become aware, this is easier said than done. Existing structures, cultures and systems are not lightly transformed, and powerful networks endorse the status quo.

How do you deal with this as a woman? How can you be heard and take your place in your professional life and in society? Where do you start? We tend to associate femininity with emotions, receptivity and vulnerability. This does not mean that women are ‘better’ in this or ‘born for’ this. In reality, we all have emotions. The question is how we handle them effectively and purposefully.

What emotion is most present in your everyday life? And to what extent does it serve you or the world? What do you need to change in order to step up your game? Jane circles are created to explore our dilemma’s, needs and challenges as women. And to support each other in starting a movement of feminine empowerment.

The concept is inspired by INSEAD Women In Business, where Hanneke has been supporting the ON-TRACK program for several years. Circles are online and offline. In English or Dutch. If you like to attend or start a circle of like-minded women, please contact us.